Metal Separators

Simple Type Metal Separators

Simple metal separators; They are used to remove unwanted metals in the system by changing or adding static or existing moving equipment in the existing system.

Mostly used magnetic plates of these are continuous material

It is used to separate unwanted large ferromagnetic metal materials up to 200mm from short distances in belt and conveyor lines. Magnetic plates are suspended from the optimum distance to the relevant conveyor lines where metal is not desired. Plates are preferred especially in mining, cement and food crushing industries.

Simple magnetic drums are machine elements produced in accordance with the desired operating conditions, diameters and dimensions. The drums are manufactured and adapted in all sizes at the end of the conveyor belt via drive drum replaced easily.

The magnetic bars (rod) are usef for separation of undesirable ferromagnetic materials with a diameter of 0.001mm-50mm from a maximum distance of 20mm in production. The magnetic bars are mounted to the relevant machinery element at the production poin. Bars with high magnetic field intestiy that especially preferred in food, pharmaceutical and plastic industry. Magnetic bars can be used as single or many units in different magnetic field-gauss intensity, diameter and length. It is provided with high intensity Neodymium magnets up to 10,000 Gauss. Bar magnets are housed and performed with AISI316 stainless steel pipes depending on the application areas. The max working temperature of standard magnetic bar is 80-150 C degrees.


Examples of these are the placement of magnetic drums by changing the drive drums of the conveyors, and placing the magnetic bars in a fluid line into the system. Simple metal separators are designed and applied in the field depending on the application demands.