Metal Separators

Permanent Magnetic Overband Metal Separators

BAS® Permanent magnetic overband metal separators are used for removal of unwanted metals from chute and conveyors. Permanent magnetic over-band metal separators are a standard for extracting unwanted metals within conveyors. Over-band metal separators consist of; the main magnetic block, over-band separator, band loop, motor and magnetically isolated steel chassis. The steel chassis of MBS series magnetic separators is magnetically isolated and does not attract any unwanted metal around it. Depending on the application capacity options are; Compact range MBS-E, standard application MBS and high-field intensity MBS-H models.



Suspended metal separators can be manual or automatic cleaning. Both system has main permanent magnetic block and the difference is self cleaning system has its own belt and throw catched metals from system. The other manual type magnet has not any additional system and catched metals should be cleaned by operator.

For permanent magnetic separators dimensions could effect magnetic area field of separators. Permanent magnet’s dimensions should be higher for high demand applications. Metal separator’s main magnetic area dimension should be higher than conveyor belt.

Permanent suspended magnetic separators can be applied for crossbelt and in line applications.