Ore Beneficiation Equipments

Perm Roll Magnetic Separators

High field intensive roll magnetic separators are used to high field intensive dry magnetic beneficiation and removal of low sensitivity impurities from raw materials.

Separation in roll magnetic separators; Firstly, homogeneous distribution of the material to the band on the separator is provided with the help of high precision feeding drum or sensitive vibratory or electromagnetic feeders. The conveyor belt moves on two rolls (magnetic and non-magnetic). When the material moving on the conveyor belt reaches the magnetic roll, the product that is non-magnetic or less magnetic susceptible than the other product is left with the help of centrifugal force and is separated into non-magnetic chute, the other magnetic ore to be carried on the belt with the magnetic attraction force of the magnetic roll and transfer to the other chute that finally the materials are separated.

End product needs and material’s magnetic sensitivity cause number of separation steps. Perm-roll magnetic separators can occur up to 1,5 Tesla magnetic area field over the belt.