Mining Beneficiation Plants

Nickel Beneficiation Plants

There are two type methods for nickel enrichment plants. Depending on the mineralogy of nickel ores, high magnetic intensity magnetic separation and hydrometallurgical methods can be used in the pre-enrichment stage. In the final stage, the desired nickel grade can be reached by leaching method under high pressure and temperature.

Nickel pre-enrichment applications with high intensity magnetic separations are also divide in two type

  • High intensity dry magnetic beneficiation as lump ore
  • Micronized high intensity wet beneficiation

One of the correct options is applied one of them and the final stage is started. In hydrometallurgical beneficiation with the right mineralogical study, the right media is determined and ore pre-beneficiation is provided.

Optimum flow diagram & PID is determined in BAS laboratories for max recovery with optimum grain size in the correct magnetic intesities or flotation stages.