Slag Beneficiation Plants

Micronized Steel Slag Beneficiation

The scope of the micronized slag recovery facility consists of steel slag processing, recovery and filtering sections. Within the scope of slag processing for the steel mill and or foundry materials; all slag is ground and separated to obtain raw materials. Steel and foundry slags which has been produced and continues to be produced in iron and steel facilities for years, can be recycled and raw materials can be fed again as facility standards.

The main purpose of slag separation facilities is based on the principle of detecting the desired particles in the slag and removing the material with the appropriate grinding the material to the relevant grain size with related separation methods. After separation, auxiliary fluids in the process can be used repeatedly with the appropriate filtration method.

The main enrichment methods used in the slag enrichment method are;

  • Gravitational separation
  • Magnetic separation
  • Hydrometallurgical methods.

The work is completed with the most appropriate and economical method. Relevant slag enrichment studies in BAS laboratories include mineralogical studies, field application and commissioning.