Metal Detectors and Belt Scales

Metal Detectors

BAS metal detectors are used to detect metals inside the conveyor. Depending on the application, sensitivity and capacity, single-sensor, double-sensor and tunnel-type metal detectors are used. We provide services from the right selection at the project design to the field installation for metal detectors. Detectors have a wide range of usage areas from heavy industry, cement, builidng chemicals, food and plastic sectors.

Metal detectors of single sensor type must detect from one direction. It is attached to the bottom of the tape and used to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals mixed in the material passing over the tape. It gives visual, audible and role-output signals.

Tunnel type metal sensors have higher sensitivity. It is mostly preferred for high capacity applications and sensitive metal detection applications.

BAS Metal detectors

  • Can be preferred in all conveyor applications.
  • Detection sensitivity of the detectors can be adjusted.
  • There is a parasite setting menu against negativity such as interference, false alarm, ground and radio signal.
  • The rivet sensor can be easily used on attached tapes.