Metal Separators

Electromagnetic Overband Metal Separators

Suspended metal separators can be manual or automatic cleaning. Both system has main electromagnetic block and the difference is self cleaning system has its own belt and throw catched metals from system. The other manual type of electromagnet has not any additional system and catched metals should be cleaned by operator.

Overband electromagnets have much higher magnetic area field than permanent type magnetic separators. BAS EMBS Standart type electromagnetic overband separators have min. 750 Gauss on 350mm distance from separator belt (standart permanent magnet models have 400 Gauss approx.). BAS EMBS-H Heavy Duty Electromagnetic overband separators have 1.500 Gauss on 350mm at least.


High intensity electromagnetic overband metal separators are used for removal of unwanted metals from chute and conveyors.

Electromagnetic over-band metal separators can be installed onto the conveyor in cross or parallel alignments. The Cross application can be placed at any point of the conveyor up to a 30 degree angle. Parallel application can be placed at a distance convenient enough to the conveyor chute to ease claiming and dropping the metal.
The electromagnetic separator contains two tension drums. In addition, the separator provides safety for two band adjustment rolls and band settings control in its main body. Two chutes to the sides prevent the metal from entering between the magnetic block and the band. The direct actuated band motor provides uninterrupted and lossless power transfer, and conical locked drums provide ease of service.