Electromagnetic Lifters

Electromagnetic Lifters

BAS electromagnetic lifters are used for the purpose of transporting and extracting ferromagnetic metals from inside the scrap. The magnet body is manufactured as a on-piece cast. Thus, magnetic field loss is minimized. The lower cover of electromagnet is designed as an high alloy steel to be suitable for all kinds of challenging contiditions.

Rectangular lifters are manufactured as iron-cast and welded, diameter scrap magnets are manufactured as one piece casting and magnetic field intensity is increased. Chain hanger points are designed for maximum durability and safety.

Rectangular and multiple tramers connected magnets are used in the transport of different forms of metals’ pipes and sheets in steel factories.
Round casting body magnets can be given as application examples such as feeding casting furnaces, loading and unloading scrap materials on the vehicle, transferring scrap metals. The usage period of scrap handling magnets is 75% / 10 minutes.

Magnet operating voltages are 220VDC.

The terminal box is designed in IP65 protection class and easy connection.”