Metal Separators

Eddy Current Non-Ferrous Metal Separators

Eddy current separators are used to separate non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, etc.) from other alloyed metal or non-metal materials. In non-ferrous metal separators with eddy current, materials in the relevant grain sizes are separated from the raw material whose separation is desired, and then fed to the separator. Eddy current separator The separation is completed in the drum that produces eddy current at the appropriate drum speed and number of poles for the raw material separated in the relevant grain sizes. For the raw material in suitable grain size ranges, determining the appropriate number of poles and determining the drum speed is the most important part for separation and must be determined correctly. In BAS Laboratories, the most accurate eddy current separator is selected for the particles you want to separate, and capacity tests are performed. In eddy current separators, the fact that the materials are on the drum producing eddy current as a monolayer is another important function for high efficiency. The belt speed on the equipment conveyor is the other most important function for the creation of centrifugal force on the drum producing eddy current in the relevant capacity and grain size. With the right belt speed and the right vibro feeder selection, the right BAS equipment for your process is finally selected for you and the result is achieved.


Eddy current separators consist of eddy current drum, powerful drive group, conveyor and optionally vibrofeeder. The vibrofeeder feeds the material perfectly on the conveyor belt. When the material fed on the belt approaches the ecs drum, it fastly throws the non-ferrous metals forward over the divider. Other materials are thrown just centrifugal force before the divider. Thus, non-ferrous and other materials are separated from each other. BAS ECS Separator product group has centric drum type as a standart, also have eccentric drum for heavy duty applications. BAS ECS separators can be used in all non-ferrous metal separations from 10mm to 250mm.