Metal Separators

Eddy Current Non-Ferrous Metal Separators

“BAS® Eddy current metal separators are used in the separation of non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper). Eddy current separators form Eddy current on the magnetic drum as the magnetic drum rotates. At a certain time on its axis, the nonferrous material enters this field, accelerates and is launched out of the current. By this method, non-ferrous materials and other materials are
separated from each other.

BAS Eddy Current Separators are categorized in each other via working principle as concentric and eccentric drum types related on raw material and application type.”


Eddy current separators consist of eddy current drum, powerful drive group, conveyor and optionally vibrofeeder. The vibrofeeder feeds the material perfectly on the conveyor belt. When the material fed on the belt approaches the ecs drum, it fastly throws the non-ferrous metals forward over the divider. Other materials are thrown just centrifugal force before the divider. Thus, non-ferrous and other materials are separated from each other. BAS ECS Separator product group has centric drum type as a standart, also have eccentric drum for heavy duty applications. BAS ECS separators can be used in all non-ferrous metal separations from 10mm to 250mm.