Ore Beneficiation Equipments

Conditioner Tanks

Conditioner tanks are used to homogenize the material in the desired pulp ratio before the wet beneficiation and separation processes. Conditioner tanks (mixing tanks) consist of a mixing volume and agitator where liquid and solid are mixed.

The main factors of the conditioning tanks’ volume are; solid capacity, the desired pulp ratio depending on the capacity and the solid-water contact (homogenization) needed duration. The design of the agitators depends on the solid/(solid+water) pulp ratio, solid particle size fraction, floating performance and particle density listed functions. Suitable flow rate and turbulence simulation for the agitators designed and analyzed by BAS engineers and delivered as standard for each application. BAS conditioner tanks have an experienced mechanism with perfect coupling and drive compatibility, service manhole and overflow-drain outlets. Optionally, lining coating is available.