Metal Detectors and Belt Scales

Belt Scales

With B A S® Belt Scales, can be instantly monitorize the capacity of system, check it up to 12 months retrospectively.

B A S® belt scale system supplies the weighing of bulk materials by the conveying process. For this system conveyor Belt Unit Idler designed to fit every kind of conveyor belts used in place of one or a group of idlers. The unit that realizes the weight of the bulk material on the belt by load cells. Depending on the application single-idler group with two load cells or multi-idler group construction with 4 load cells are used.

B A S® NPI belt scales are used to instantly weigh the material passing over the conveyor, store the capacity information and transfer the desired information.

Total amount of moving material by the conveyor and belt speed can also be monitored by the user. By means of digital and analog outputs, it can be easily integrated into your existing automation system.

  • 4,3 ”Screen -16 Buttons
  • Instant flow
  • Instant weight
  • Belt velocity
  • Displaying total loadamount daily, weekly, monthly
  • Actualcommunication protocols
  • 8 active relay