Plants and Application

Mining Beneficiation Plants

Iron ore to Manganese, From Feldspar to Quartz lump or micronized that all related products’ turnkey plants can be installed and delivered.

Range of services offered by BAS varies from laboratory studies to turnkey enrichment processes and field applications.

In ore beneficiation plants, the physical and chemical properties of the product obtained are of greater importance compared to traditional crushing and screening plants. In order for the mine beneficiation plant to operate economically, the product should have maximum mass ratio of the desired mineral and the waste to contain a minimum of it. In addition to Final Product Enrichment Facilities, an Ore Benefication Plant contains Waste Recovery Units as well. BAS and its integrated laboratories work meticulously at all stages such as free of charge(?!) laboratory related studies that are requested in the site area. BAS undertakes that the qualities of the product obtained in the laboratory according to client’s specifications would be achieved with the same performance in the majority of your site “for the same raw material”.

BAS scope of application includes but are not limited to; Fabricating Detailed Procedural Flow Charts, Detailed project engineering , Manufacturing of Equipment, field installation, construction, assembly, all related electrical, mechanical works and automation.