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B A S ® : Beneficiation Application Seperation

We address all possible recycling and ore enrichment processes all around the world with 40.000 m2 factory and more than 300 employees.

BAS provides ore enrichment, separation and high capacity field application solutions with its engineering staff and laboratory. B A S works primarily in its own laboratory for mine beneficiation application requests and commits to reach the same result for the site applicaitons. System equipment – solutions under its own responsibility, from plant design to field system regime and training.

BAS Brand letters expressing our mission as a solution manufacturer of mineral processing, site applications and separation technologies;

  • Beneficiation: Refers to ore enrichment systems
  • Application: Providing huge field application and related operations
  • Separation: It refers to the separation technology

BAS is engaged in engineering, design, production, R&D and all production itself. Along with the factory manufacturing and quality management team; It provides full service from project to manufacturing. It includes all of the machining, plastic forming, technological cutting and automatic welding manufacturing methods in its 40.000 m2 manufacturing area.

For the mining beneficiation solutions, BAS performs the whole process from the P&I chart to the field demobilization. For separation solutions, it performs the experiments of the methods to be applied in its own laboratory and provides to the all field application.

BAS provides attractive solutions for investors by offering Laboratory services free of charge. It produces continuous and uninterrupted engineering solutions from related raw material production projects to investment, feasibility, flow chart and detailed engineering. It offers turnkey solutions in facilities producing metallic mines, precious metals and ceramic raw materials.

BAS facility application solutions offer all steel construction, conveyor types (belt conveyor, air conveyor, z belt conveyor, etc.), elevators and spiral conveyors – transport and transfer technologies in mine preparation and beneficiation projects. System-facility automation group is realized by its own field application.

With production standards and quality management methods;

Engineering / design and production works are carried out in accordance with internationally accepted standards and production criteria (such as TS, EN, ISO, DIN, AWS, BS, API) depending on the customer’s needs.

Studies are carried out in accordance with the following quality management requirements:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate
  • EN 3834-2 Quality Requirements Certificate for Melting Welding of Metallic Materials
  • Manufacturing Sufficiency Certificate of EN 1090 Structural Steels
  • EN 14001 Environmental Management Systems
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • 97/23 / EC Pressure Vessels