Lump Iron and Steel Slag Beneficiation Applications

Lump Iron and Steel Slag Beneficiation Applications

Iron and steel factories produce waste steel slag, which depending on their production methods and volumes that contains high rate iron. Since these steel slags contain high amounts of unwanted minerals, it is not possible to reuse them in this way. On the other hand, stocking the slags in this form requires high costs and large areas. While the recovery of slag provides a high economic benefit for the facilities, on the other hand it also brings with it a very significant environmental improvement.

Having high iron containing slags of iron and steel factories; Casting and steel slags contain different rates of iron and impurity since their slags belonging to different production methods.

Since the slags that come out as a result of production with different sizes, it must first be liberated in order to re earn the iron in it. On the other hand, the slag should be as bigger as possible in order to liberate it as much as possible and make it ready for the sintering or steel mill material feeding system. For this reason, the crushing grain size of the slag and the beneficiation method are of great importance.

The correct mineralogical study of the slag, the determination of the liberation grain size and the correct enrichment experiments are the main criteria for the success of the project.

Different types of crushers, high performance sieves, high-capacity and adjustable over belt electromagnetic separators and drum magnetic separators are used for high capacity and different grain sizes in iron and steel slag beneficiation projects.

As we are BAS; we do all laboratory studies, general and detalied engineering, correct magnetic separation methods are provided on a turnkey basis.

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