EMBS Electromagnetic Overband Metal Separators ready for Morocco

Elektromanyetik metal separatör

EMBS Electromagnetic Overband Metal Separator s in PET Recycling Application in Morocco

EMBS Series electromagnetic overband metal separator s used for separation of unwanted ferrous metals. EMBS electromagnetic overband metal separators provide optimum magnetic field effect with the lowest electricity consumption in its segment. Electromagnetic overband metal separators are preferred in waste plastic recycling applications with high distance applications and inhomogeneous raw material feeding.

For the PET Recycling application, which will be operated in Morocco, 4 unit EMBS-C-1000 Electromagnetic Metal Separator series have been ready for exportation. EMBSs will serve with high efficiency separation for unwanted ferrous metals in the raw material.

EMBS type electromagnetic overband metal separators

EMBS metal separators application video

Electromagnetic overband metal separator