The First Lump Hematite Ore Beneficiatin Plant in Turkey

The First Lump Hematite Ore Beneficiation Plant in Turkey

Turkey’s first bulk hematite high intensity beneficiation plant started to test production in Sivas.

Within the scope of the facility, high-grade lump hematite ore 60tph capacity will be enriched in the first part. A total of 4 different products will be produced in the relevant fractions at the facility, and products over 60 grades will be supplied to the iron and steel industry.

Within the scope of the facility, ore preparation, beneficiation and mineralogical studies as well as PID and flowsheet parts were completed in 1.5 years. Also Facility Project design, implementation and commissioning works have been completely completed by BAS.

The entire remainder of the plant will take approximately 6 months to install and will ultimately enrich 180 tph of hematite. The plant is based on the principle of traditional crushing-screening in the relevant particle size fractions, separation with high field intensity magnetic separators in the ore beneficiation stage.