48 Pole Eddy Current Separator is commissioned for PET Flake


48 Pole Eddy Current Separator is commissioned for PET Flake Application

In pet recycling, waste pets are purified from their impurities in eddy current separators and magnetic separators. Magnetic separators hold ferrous metals and pull them out of the raw material, while eddy current separators create eddy current and separate non-ferrous metals by throwing them from the system.

Eddy current separators operate at the relevant frequency depending on the particle size in PET applications. In summary, high frequency eddy current separators can be preferred in finely clipped pet flake applications, and lower frequency eddy current separators in bigger  pet applications. In sensitive applications, magnetic drum separator is adapted to eddy current separator to extract ferrous metal before eddy current separators for combined – compact solutions and more suitable solutions are obtained. You can contact the BAS team for your correct eddy current separator selection.

Some of the sample applications for BAS Eddy current separators;

PET recycling application in an example eddy current separator

BAS Eddy Current Separators