Micronized Coal Washing Magnetite Recover Application

Micronized Magnetite Recover Application with Drum Magnetic Separators

Micronized magnetite ore is used to produce heavy media in micronized coal washing plants. These micronized magnetite ores, which are used in washing and heavy media production, can be used repeatedly in the process without losing their properties. Wet drum type magnetic separators are used to recover magnetite ore from the system.

BAS Wet magnetic drum separators

Wet magnetic drum separators provide micronized magnetite ore to be obtained from the coal ore fed at a certain solid-liquid ratio. Wet magnetic drum separators; It consists of a fixed magnetic group that provides separation at the relevant angle, endlessly rotating stainless armor, inlet pool and separation pool.

For the working principle of wet magnetic drum separators for coal;

Wet magnetic drum separator application animation

The main purpose of wet magnetic drum separators used in coal washing facilities is to capture the magnetite at the maximum possible level. In order to achieve this result, the effective magnetic field strength and the appropriate drum operating principle are determined. With the right capacity, the appropriate drum separator volume is determined and the separation is completed.