Laboratory Type High Intensity Electromagnetic Filter Separators


High Field Intensity Electromagnetic Separator Filters

Magnetic separators are classified according to their field strength and magnetic field production method. Electromagnetic filters and separators are used in liquid magnetic separators for the production of high field intensity (effective over 1.0 Tesla). Laboratory studies are carried out to determine the capacity and correct magnetic field strength in electromagnetic filters with high field intensity. BAS EMF-1 equipment, with a capacity of 1 m3/h, serves to scale down production in laboratory studies.

Electromagnetic separator filter application

Magnetic filters consist of a specially produced aluminum coil group that produces a high magnetic field on the matrix, a stainless matrix group with high conductivity, a magnetic insulated steel body and control valves.

Electromagnetic separator animation application

The matrix group opens and closes with a flywheel type valve on it and allows easy use. The matrix group with a special geometry ensures that the magnetic field stays only on the matrix with the magnetic insulated ferrous steel group above and below. Electromagnetic filter has plc control panel with easy interface. The automation generates a high magnetic field during the separation and cools itself at the time of waiting to prepare itself for the next stage for the continuous circle. The magnetic field strength can be adjusted via the plc control panel of the laboratory type electromagnetic filter equipment and the most accurate solution is achieved.

Electromagnetic separator filters

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