Magnetic Separators are ready for shipment to Copper Beneficiation Plant

Mıknatıs separatör

Magnet separators, belt scales and detectors are ready for shipment to Copper Beneficiation Plant

Magnet separators, metal detectors and belt scales shipment has been completed within the scope of Demir Export Copper enrichment facility, which is the largest copper mining investment in the region.

In the project, electromagnetic magnet separators that produce high field intensity were used for the separation of metals in 5 different application lines. Metal detectors were preferred as additional security. In practice, magnetic separators with different magnetic field intensities will be used for metal separation on conveyors with capacities from 25 tph to 500 tph.

MBS magnetic separators, natural magnetic magnet separators and EMBS type electromagnetic separators generate electromagnetic field and provide separation of unwanted metals in the system. BMD tunnel type metal detectors will secure the system and secure the system for possible metal leaks.

Another instrument equipment in the system is BBK type belt scales. Belt scales will instantly control the flow in the system and will instantly read, store and send the data to the system…

BAS Electromagnetic Overband Metal Separators

BAS BMD Metal Detectors

BAS BBK Belt Scales

Mıknatıs separatör
BAS EMBS Electromagnetic Separators
Kontrol Pano
BAS EMBS Electromagnetic Separators
Metal Dedektör
BMD Metal detectors