Quartz Beneficiation with High Intensity Electromagnetic Separator

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Waste Quartz Beneficiation with High Intensity Electromagnetic Separators

The laboratory studies of the project that recycling of the raw material wastes of a world-class ceramic production factory via high intensity electromagnetic separator has been concluded. Within the scope of the project, a total of more than half a million tons of waste -150 microns of quartz and quartzite ores (includes TotalFe of over 3%) will be recycled to the economy.

Within the scope of the project, the waste quartz ore will enter the facility with carrier equipment at first, then it will be brought to the desired pulp ratio with conditioners and micronized sieving will be carried out to screen the combined particles. Afterwards, undesirable metals will be separated with high field intensityelectromagnetic separators , they will take their final form and then be dried, and the main entrance to the system will be gained as raw materials and semi-finished products. The total capacity of the project will be 20 tph and it will set a precedent for many ceramic and sanitary manufacturing plants. BAS Classifiers for pre-washing and BAS High Field Intensity Electromagnetic filters for enrichment will be used as the main process equipment in the facility.

BAS High Field Intense Electromagnetic Separator

BAS High Intensity Electromagnetic Separators can occur more than 1.5 Tesla effective magnetic intensity, and minimize the amount of waste material with its optimized design and provide high efficiency matrix area. With BAS adjustable round matrix on electromagnetic separators with high intensity magnetic area; also the number of matrix steps can be determined (depends on ore type, magnetic material purity etc.) and magnetic intensity can be controlled with high precision. The magnetic intensity deviation over the matrix surface is below 5% and the closest magnetic field strength is provided per mm2.

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High Intensity Electromagnetic Separator Application – Laboratory

High Intensity Electromagnetic Filter – Animation

High Intensity Electromagnetic Filters

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