WHIM Separator Labratory Tests for Hematite Ore

Whim Separator

Slon Type WHIM Separator Labratory Tests

Slon type wet high intensity magnetic separators are completed for hematite iron ore.

Hematite iron ore that FE2O3 is one of the most common iron ores. In this study hematite mineralogical study after iron ore is grained to -150 micrones. After this grained ore is pulped with enough fresh water attentively end fed to the separator by slurry pump.

In this study 5 different pulp and 5 different effective magnetic area field tested. In total 25 different tests are completed. After test, raw material, mid-tailings, magnetic particulars, and non-magnetic particulars are collected. Up to 2,0 Tesla effective magnetic area field reached.

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