Dry Drum Separators for 100 tph Magnetite Beneficiation


Dry Magnetic Drum Separator s Ready for Operation for High Grade Magnetite Ore

Dry Magnetic Drum Separator s Magnetite Beneficiation Plant Commissioned – 100tph

Trial production has started for high grade coarse caliber magnetite ore with BAS D900X1500X2 low field intensity orexore type dry magnetic drum separators. Within the scope of the project, mineralogical studies were first carried out in the laboratory and the process flow chart, equipment, right grain sizes, required number of steps and magnetic field strength were determined. With the positive results of laboratory-scale trial productions, the industrial-scale facility implementation has come to an end. Within the scope of the project, 4 units with a total capacity of 100tph will be produced lump magnetite ore with min. 55% TotalFe.

BAS Dry Drum Type Magnetic Separators

Magnetite ore beneficiation separator application video

Magnetite labratory study sample video

550 tph magnetite pre-beneficiation application video