Trap Magnet Application for Pure Bauxite Ore

Trap Magnet

Trap Magnet s for Pre Separation of Pure Bauxite Ore

Trap Magnet (Magnetic Traps)

Trap magnetic separators (trap magnet s) are the most convenient and simple method for separating metals in the existing system by combining multiple magnetic rods.

Trap magnet s can be placed inside the existing chutes (open or closed zone) and is used for the separation of metals in solid, liquid or gaseous phase even in ppm size. By creating a suitable space within the system transfer points that magnetic is located. Subsequently the size of the trap magnets and the correct magnetic field intensity are determined depending on the grain size of the raw material, the flow type, the unwanted metal ratio and the magnetic susceptibility of the relevant metals. With the correct magnetic field that magnetic separators expose on the raw material, unwanted metals are captured and trap magnets are cleaned manually in certain iterations depending on the metal ratio in the raw material.

Trap magnets have rectangular and round type inlets and outlets. Depending on the particular size and metal ratio, magnetic field iterations from one stage to six stages can be created. Magnetic field strength can be produced from 8,000 Gauss to 12,000 Gauss on trap magnets over magnetic rods.

From PN6 to PN25 are possible for trap magnets to operate in liquid and gaseous environments. It can be mounted to the system with any flange type or special connection type. Their temperature resistance is limited to 250 C.

Trap magnets are mostly preferred in application areas containing 0-2% metal by mass, so manual cleaning is sufficient for system continuity. If desired, it can be included in the system with pneumatic systems with automatic cleaning mechanism.

Bas trap magnetic separators

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