Permanent Overbelt Magnetic Separators are ready for Serbia


Permanent Overbelt Metal Separators are ready for export

Overbelt Metal Separators

Overbelt metal separator s are the most effective and practical equipment for removing unwanted metals from conveyors. Overbelt metal separator s can be applied in two different ways with parallel and cross belt applications. The metal separators are selected depending on the belt width, belt speed, material density of the passing through the belt width and particular sizes. Separators are divided into permanent and electromagnetic as magnetism sources in related conveyor applications. Metal separators can be preferred as manual or self-cleaning depending on the impurity ratio on the conveyor.

Permanent type magnetic tape-top metal holders consist of permanent magnets without the need for additional power supply. It constantly creates a magnetic field in the relevant area. Permanent magnetic separators, depending on the application distance and grain size; It can consist of one pole and two poles. BAS MBS / MBS-M / MBS-H type permanent overbelt metal separators are preferred depending on the application density.

Electromagnetic overbelt metal separators are preferred for high suspension distance and difficult-high-capacity recycling and mining applications. Electromagnetic separators can create much higher magnetic field strength than permanent type overbelt magnetic separators.

The equipments that photos listed below will be used to separate unwanted metals from the conveyor before the clinker line of Holcim Serbia facility. The equipment used in the relevant application has an EP600 rubber band and offers a long-lasting use. BAS MBS type metal separators have magnetic insulated steel chassis as standard, providing serviceability and long life with this function. With the non-slip tape application separators provides a longer lifetime guarantee. Overbelt metal separators contain stainless steel side barriers in the upper and lower band gaps, it prevents metal from entering the equipment due to the high magnetic field. With 4 hangers, it provides to change the separator belt even in the application hanged area.

You can contact the BAS team for your most accurate applications.

Permanent Type Overbelt Metal Separators

Electromagnetic Type Overbelt Metal Separators

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permanent metal separator
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permanent metal separator
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permanent metal separator