Magnetic Separator Usage in Industrial Raw Material Sector

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Usage of High Intensity Magnetic Separators in Industrial Raw Minerals

Usage of High Intensity Magnetic Separators in Quartz, Albite – Na Feldspar and K Feldspar Group

The main priority for quartz from industrial raw materials is 99% purity and color factor. When raw materials are used in facilities, minimum impurity (less than 1%) and transparent or semi-transparent in color contribute to product quality. Gang minerals are heavy minerals in quartz and feldspar raw materials are usually related with iron &iron oxide minerals and have low magnetic susceptibility. Separation of related minerals can be achieved with the help of magnetic separators; For this reason, it is possible to separate these impurities from the raw material with the correct magnetic intensity that 1,0 Tesla and above.

Colors of raw materials, clean products and wastes after cooking can be observed.

With BAS Co team; mineralogical studies, process studies and experimental production can be carried out within the scope of field samples. As a result of process and mineralogical studies, related ore beneficiation, dry, wet and combined solutions are also possible.

High Intensity Permanent Roll Magnetic Separators

High Intensity Wet Electromagnetic  Filters