High capacity micronized magnetite ore enrichment separators in production line

Ore enrichment with wet magnetic drum separators

Micronized magnetite ore enrichment with wet magnetic separators

In magnetite ore beneficiation that based on the principle of separating the main impurities from desired ore in maksimum particular size  by making use of its physical-chemical properties (chemical, gravitational, magnetic susceptibility). Nowadays, magnetite ore is produced as a final product with the traditional magnetic susceptibility difference.

If it is possible to earn magnetite ore in bigger size dry magnetic drum separators are used for beneficiation; If it is not possible, it is milled to the particular size to desired as a result of minaralogical studies and finally enriched in wet magnetic drum separators. If this method alone is not sufficient in magnetic beneficiation, it is applied in combination with other beneficiation methods (chemical or gravitational).

High capacity wet magnetic beneficiaton application video

Wet magnetic drum separators

Wet magnetic drum separators are equipment that enable the separation of ores with magnetic susceptibility from non-magnetic impurities or products with different magnetic susceptibility. Wet magnetic drum separators; It consists of a static magnetic drum,  hydropool where the raw material is fed, the drum drive unit and the product-waste outlet boxes.

BAS wet magnetic drum separator portfolio

Wet magnetic drum separator types

Wet magnetic drum separators are manufactured in three different types depending on the magnetic susceptibility of the raw material, grain size and pulp density. Depending on the functions listed, different types of wet magnetic separators are divided into three depending on the feed and flow type.

  1. Con-Current Type
  2. Counter-Current Type
  3. Counter Rotation Type

Counter-Current application animation video

Counter Rotation application animation video

Wet magnetic drum separator design criteria

The most important points for wet magnetic drum separator applications are;

  • Correct magnetic area field
  • Correct grain size
  • Correct pulp rate
  • Optimum separation steps can be listed.

Please contact with BAS team for optimum beneficiation solutions for your ore.

A sample magnetite ore beneficiation studies in BAS labrotaries.