Dry type drum magnetic separator was commissioned for magnetite ore


Dry Type Magnetic Drum Separators for Magnetite Ore

Dry magnetic drum separators are preferred for iron ore enrichment projects to increase the increase the milling capacity and causes efficiency of the facility and to remove the impurities from the materials for bigger particular sizes. Dry magnetic drum separators can be detailed with double steps in advanced stages in order to increase the grade of magnetite ore or to ensure the removal of impurities in final step.

BAS dry magnetic drum separators

Feeding the Material in Dry Magnetic Drum Separators

In dry magnetic drum separator applications, the correct feeding of the material onto the magnetic drum is at least as important as the detection of the correct magnetic field strength. It should be ensured that the material is spread correctly on the magnetic drum surface and that all particles are in contact over the drum (monolayer). The design and correct usage of vibrotary-feeder is very important thing in preparation stage of dry magnetic enrichment.

Maximum Grade Application in Dry Magnetic Drum Separators

In order to increase the ore grade at a higher rate in dry magnetic drum separators, double-stage equipment is preferred (ore x ore), where the iron grains with relative grains are thrown into the waste part and double-stage enrichment for maximum grade. Double-stage magnetic separators (ore x ore) can be preferred, which allows to obtain high grade ore via throwing low&medium grade iron particles to the tail part.

Magnetite ore is separated from the raw material for only free impurity (non-magnetic) particles at high magnetic field strength in the first stage. In the second magnetic drum enrichment phase, iron ores whose pre-enrichment has been completed are re-enriched in the drum with a lower magnetic field. Here, it is ensured that the iron particles with lower grade are separated from the raw material. Determining the correct magnetic field intensity and the correct drum speed in this part is the most important stage within the scope of the project, as in the first stage.

Minimum Impurity Application in Dry Magnetic Drum Separators

In dry magnetic drum separator application, there are also field applications where double-stage magnetic separators (ore x tail) are used to ensure that the magnetite product in the tail is reduced to zero. The main purpose here can be considered as reduced the magnetite product to lowest in the tail as much as possible, and securing the system even if high-capacity raw materials enter to the system instantaneously (too much more designed). In the first step, magnetite ore is enriched in a magnetic drum with low magnetic field intensity, and in the second stage, it is enriched again in magnetic drum with higher magnetic field intensity to catch as much as possible magnetic products in the tails.

High capacity dry magnetic drum separator application for magnetite ore video

*Correct equipment design is critical to the efficiency of your facility. Correct magnetic field intensity is determined as a result of accurate mineral studies and numerous experiments in BAS laboratories.

Laboratory test for magnetite enrichment application video